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Past Economic Seminars

Friday, 09/08/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Dan Gibbs, Virginia Tech, PPE

“Representation in Collective Policymaking: the Veto’s Appeal”

Monday, 09/11/23
4:00 pm
Derring 3081

Emerson Melo, Indiana University

“Wishful thinking is risky thinking:  A statistical-distance-based approach”

Friday, 09/22/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Brantly Callaway, University of Georgia

"Difference-in-differences with a continuous treatment"

Monday, 09/25/23
4:00 pm
Derring 3081

Ananth Seshadri, Univ. of Wisconsin
"On the origin and causes of economic growth"

Monday, 10/02/23
4:00 pm
Derring 3081

Madison Arnsbarger, Univ. of Pittsburgh
"The Political Economy of Women's Suffrage and World War I"

Wednesday, 10/04/23
4:00 pm
Derring 3081

Kailing Shen, Australian National University
Industries as in a Network:  Micro Evidence from Job Search

Monday, 10/09/23
4:00 pm
Derring 3081

Francisca Antman, Univ. of Colorado Boulder
Innovation Nation: Evidence from Broadening Access to Ph.D. Training in the U.S.

Monday, 10/16/23
4:00 pm
Derring 3081

Scott Adams, Univ. of Wisconsin
"The Local Effect of School Shootings on Hospital and Mortality"

Friday, 10/20/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Yuan Liao, Rutgers University
"Fast Inference for Quantile Regression with Tens of Millions of Observations"

Friday, 11/03/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Chao Wei, George Washington University

"A Tale of Two Families: Societal Selection Mechanism, Marital Formation, and Parental Human Capital Investment"

Monday, 11/06/23
4:00 pm
Derring 3081

Friday, 11/10/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Joseph Flavian Gomes, UC Louvain
"It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman! Using Mass Media to Fight Intolerance"

Monday, 11/13/23
4:00 pm
Derring 3081

Anton Badev, Federal Reserve Board
"Interconnected DeFi:  Ripple Effects from the Terra Collapse"

Friday, 12/01/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Jeongbin Kim, Florida State University

"Patience is Power: Bargaining and Payoff Delay"

Friday, 01/20/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Job Candidate

Wednesday, 01/25/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Job Candidate

Friday, 01/27/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Job Candidate

Monday, 01/30/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Job Candidate

Wednesday, 02/01/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Job Candidate

Friday, 02/03/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Job Candidate

Monday, 02/06/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Job Candidate

Friday, 02/10/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Friday, 02/17/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Krishna Dasartha, Boston University
Learning from Viral Content

Friday, 03/17/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Antonio Galvao, Michigan State University

Intertemporal Substitution and Risk with Multiple Assets and Quantile Preferences

Monday, 03/20/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Nathaniel Burke, West Virginia University

Inference from Biased Polls

Friday, 03/24/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Gaurav Chiplunkar, University of Virginia

Decentralizing the Department - Conservation Trade-off:  Evidence from Forestland Diversions in India

Monday, 03/27/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Jaden Chen, UNC Chapel Hill

Market Selection with Recursive Preferences: A General Framework and Robust Analysis

Friday, 03/31/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Monday, 04/03/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Friday, 04/07/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Qingqing Cao, Michigan State University

Adverse Selection, Liquidity Shortage, and Government Liquidity Facilities

Friday, 04/14/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Yuhta Ishii, Penn State

Monitoring with Rich Data

Monday, 04/17/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Khai Chiong, University of Texas - Dallas

AI and AI-human based Salesforce Hiring using Conversational Interview Videos

Friday, 04/21/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Monday, 04/24/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Friday, 04/28/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Santanu Chatterjee, University of Georgia
Road Infrastructure and the Skill Premium: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing

Monday, 05/01/23
4:00 pm
Pamplin 32

Satoshi Fukuda, Bocconi Univeristy
Shaping Institutions

Monday, 08/29/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Charles Courtemanche, University of Kentucky

School Reopenings, Mobility, and COVID-19 Spread: Evidence from Texas

Monday, 09/12/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Terry Cheung, Academia Sinica
"Education Attainment and Structural Transformation"

Monday, 09/19/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Archisman Chakraborty, Yeshiva University

Selected Facts

Monday, 09/26/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Graduate Presentations
Chao Hung Chan
Promit Chaudhuri

Friday, 09/30/22
2:00 pm
Pamplin 2003

Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, Northwestern University

Model Complexity, Expectations, and Asset Prices

Monday, 10/03/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Tuesday, 10/04/22
3:30 pm
NCB 130A

Brianna Felegi, Notre Dame

Supply-Side Responses in School Choice

Monday, 10/10/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Rakesh Vohra, University of Pennsylvania

Contagion and Equilibria in Diversified Equity Holding Networks

Monday, 10/17/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Friday, 10/21/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Monday, 10/24/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Friday, 10/28/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Amanda Agan, Rutgers University
"Removing the Mark:  Labor Market Impacts of Criminal Record Remediation"

Monday, 10/31/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Friday, 11/4/22
3:30 pm
Pamplin 31

Graduate Presentations:
Promit Chaudhuri, Nazanin Sedaghatkish, and Long Minh Vu

Friday, 11/11/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Monday, 11/14/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Tibor Besedes, Georgia Institue of Technology
Does Minimum Wage Increase or Reduce Crime?  Evidence from a Negative Income Shock

Monday, 11/28/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Ernesto Rivera Mora, University of Arizona
Neutral Mechanisms:  On the Feasibility of Information Sharing

Friday 12/02/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Yan Bai, University of Rochester

World Financial Cycles

Monday, 01/24/22
4:00 pm

Sarah Quintanar, Midwestern State Univ - Texas

"Uncovering Data:  How Ordinary Police Work Can Provide Insights on Critical Influences and Bias"

Friday, 01/28/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Job Market Candidate

Monday, 01/31/22
4:00 pm
Robeson 210

Job Market Candidate

Friday, 02/04/22
9:00 am
Via Zoom

Job Market Candidate

Friday, 02/18/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Nathaniel Neligh, Univ. of Tenn. - Knoxville
"Experimental Tests of Rational Inattention"
Paper #1                    Paper#2

Monday, 03/14/22
4:00 pm
Via Zoom

Chen Cheng, Johns Hopkins University

"A Theory of Multiplexity: Sustaining Cooperation with Multiple Relations"

Wednesday, 03/16/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 2002

Monday, 03/21/22
4:00 pm

Via Zoom

Luca Merlino, University of Antwerp
"Debunking Rumors in Networks"

Friday, 03/25/22
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Noel Johnson, George Mason University
"The Impact of the Black Death on Printing Press Adoption"

Monday, 03/28/22
4:00 pm
via ZOOM

Kremena Valkanova, ETH Zurich

"Markov Stochastic Choice"

Monday, 04/04/22
4:00 pm
Robeson 210

Monday 04/11/22
4:00 pm

via ZOOM

Victor Aguiar, Western University

"Dynamic Stochastic Revealed Preference"

Monday 05/2/22
4:00 pm
Robeson 210

Sumit Agarwal, National University of Singapore

"Do sanitary pads alleviate period poverty and improve girls’ educational outcomes?"

Monday, 09/13/21
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Bo Zhou, Durham University, UK

"A general semiparametric approach when distribution is considered a nuisance parameter"

Monday, 10/04/21
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Kirby Nielsen, Caltech

"When Choices are Mistakes"

Wednesday, 10/06/21
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Sergio Barrera, University of Minnesota

"Is College Worth it for Me?"

Friday, 10/15/21
4:00 pm

Shaowei Ke, University of Michigan

Learning from a Black Box

Friday, 11/12/21
4:00 pm

Euncheol Shin, KAIST

Influence Maximization in Networks

Monday 11/15/21
3:00 pm

Colin Stewart, Univ. of Toronto

Consumer Surplus in the Dark

Monday 12/6/21
4:00 pm
Pamplin 31

Kwok Ping Tsang, Virginia Tech

"What Does Data Quality Tell Us?  Learning Local Cultural Traits from Qing China Grain Prices"

All Spring 2021 Seminars will be held via Zoom.  Click here to attend!

Monday, 02/8/21
4:00 pm

Friday, 3/5/21
3:00 pm

Friederike Mengel, Univeristy of Essex

"Irrational Statistical Discrimination"

Friday, 3/12/21
4:00 pm

Tim Hubbard, Colby College

"Bid-Separation in Asymmetric Auctions"

Monday, 3/15/21
4:00 pm

Friday, 3/19/21
4:00 pm

Bohdan Kukharskyy, City University of New York

Decoupling Global Value Chains

Monday, 3/22/21
4:00 pm

Ozan Candogan, University of Chicago Booth School of Busines

Persuasion in Networks: Public Signals and k-Cores

Friday, 3/26/21

Friday, 4/2/21
4:00 pm

Monday, 4/5/21
4:00 pm

Annie Liang, Univ. of Pennsylvania

"Dynamically Aggregating Diverse Information"

Friday, 4/9/21
4:00 pm

Jorge Miranda-Pinto, University of Queensland

"Trade Credit and Sectoral Comovement during the Great Recession"

Monday, 4/12/21
4:00 pm

Hiroki Nishimura, University of California Riverside

"Revealed Preferences of Individual Players in Sequential Games"

Friday, 4/23/21
4:00 pm

Friday, 4/30/21
4:00 pm

All Fall 2020 Seminars will be held via Zoom. 

Friday, 09/25/20
4:00 pm

Jorge M. Aguero, University of Connecticut

"Human Capital, Internal Migration and Structural Transformation in Africa"

Friday, 10/02/20
4:00 pm

Arun Gautham Chandrasekhar, Stanford University
Interacting Regional Policies in Containing a Disease

Friday, 10/16/20
4:00 pm

Jan Hausfeld, University of Amsterdam
"Redistribution beyond equality and status quo"

Monday, 10/19/20
4:00 pm

Mariagiovanna Baccara, Washington University in St. Louis

"Task Allocation and On-the-job Training"

Friday, 10/23/20
4:00 pm

Eleonora Patacchini, Cornell University
"Tax Professionals and Tax Evasion"

Monday, 11/02/20
4:00 pm

Asen Kochov, University of Rochester

"Sequential Trading with Coarse Contingencies"

Monday, 11/09/20
4:00 pm

Friday, 11/13/20
4:00 pm

Monday, 11/16/20
4:00 pm

Bart Lipman, Boston University

“Acquisition of/Stochastic Evidence”

Friday, 11/20/20
4:00 pm

Celeste Carruthers, University of Tennessee

“'Free College' Promises, High School Achievement, and College Enrollment”

Monday, 12/07/20
4:00 pm

Timo Hiller, PUC Rio
"Targeting in Adaptive Networks"

Friday, 01/31/20

Mohammad Jahan-Parvar, Federal Reserve

"SONOMA:  a Small Open ecoNOmy for MAcrofinance"

Friday, 02/07/20

Erik Kimbrough, Chapman University

"A Theory of Injunctive Norms"

Monday, 02/10/20

Donghyuk Kim, Iowa State University
"Government Incentives and Firm Location Choices"

Monday, 02/24/20

Friday, 02/28/20

The remaining seminars were cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19

Monday, 03/16/20

Nancy Lutz, National Science Foundation

Friday, 03/20/20

Dongrul Lee, University of Alabama

Friday, 03/23/20

Marco Battaglini, Cornell University

Monday, 03/30/20

Mehmet Caner, North Carolina State University

Friday, 04/03/20

Hendrik Rommeswinkel, National Taiwan University

Monday, 04/06/20

Efe Ok, New York University

Friday, 04/10/20

David Ahn, University of California - Berkeley

Friday, 04/17/20

David Gill, Purdue University

Monday, 04/20/20

Fabrizio Zilibotti, Yale University

Friday, 04/24/20

Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, Northwestern University

Monday, 04/27/20

Miaojie Yu, Peking University

Friday, 05/01/20

Pawel Dziewulski, University of Sussex

Monday, 9/9/19

Faruk Gul, Princeton University
Market Design and Walrasian Equilibruim

Friday, 9/13/19

Colin Camerer, California Institute of Technology
Using Visual Salience in Empirical Game Theory

Monday, 9/16/19

Brad Shapiro, University of Chicago
Generalizable and Robust TV Advertising Effects

Monday, 9/23/19

Donna Ginther, University of Kansas

Do State TANF Policies Affect Child Abuse and Neglect?

Monday, 9/30/19

Thomas Stratmann, George Mason University
Moral Cost in Weighted Committee Decisions - Abstract

Monday, 10/7/19

Friday, 10/11/19

Jeff Kline, University of Queensland
Perfecting Correlated Equilibria with Mediator Mistakes

Monday, 10/14/19

Juan Moreno-Ternero, University of Seville
Sharing Revenues from Broadcasting Sports Leagues

Abstract    Working Paper

Monday, 10/21/19

Friday, 10/25/19

Monday, 12/2/19

Mo Xiao
License Complementarity and Package Bidding:  U.S. Spectrum Auctions

Monday, 12/9/19

Dakshina De Silva, Lancaster University

Auction Mechanisms and Treasury Revenue:  Evidence from the Chinese Experiment     Paper     Slides


Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Virginia Tech
The Effect of Single-Sex Education on Educational Attainment of Men and Women:  Evidence from Iran


Sean Horan, University of Montreal
Agenda in Legislative Decision-Making


Kaushik Basu, Cornell University
Technological Advance and the Changing Nature of Work


Eric Bahel, Virgnia Tech
Strategyproof Choice of Social Acts:  Bilaterality, Dictatorship and Consensuality


Jane Ryngaert, Wake Forest University
Do You Know That I Know That You Know?:  Higher Order Beliefs in Survey Data


J. Isaac Miller, University of Missouri
Testing Cointegrating Relationships Using Irregular and Non-Contemporaneous Series with an Application to Paleoclimate Data


Justin Marion, University of California Santa Cruz
Why did firms practice segregation?  Evidence from movie theaters during Jim Crow


Liza Charroin, University of Heidelberg
Homophily, peer effects and dishonesty


Ryan Webb, University of Toronto
Pairwise Normalization:  A Neuroeconomic Theory of Multi-Attribute Choice


Emel Filiz Ozbay, University of Maryland
The Relevance of Irrelevant Information


Timothy Cason, Purdue University
Social Dilemmas with Agency Risk


Lung-fei Lee, Ohio State University
The Search for Best Linear and Quadratic Moment Conditions of the SAR Model


Mira Frick, Yale University
Misinterpreting Others and the Fragility of Social Learning


Chandan Kumar Jha, Le Moyne College
The Role of Historical Resource Scarcity in Modern Gender Inequality


Simon Alder, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Political Distortions and Infrastructure Networks in China:  A Quantitative Spatial Equilibrium Analysis


Katherine A. Eriksson, University of California Davis
The Rise and Fall of the Know-Nothing Party


Xing Xia, Yale - NUS
Selective mortality and the long-term effects of early-life exposure to natural disasters


Rabah Amir, University of Iowa
Oliopoly with network effects:  On the private and social incentives for interconnection


Brian McCaig, Wilfrid Lauier University
Export markets and household business performance:  Evidence from Vietnam


Indrajit Ray, Cardiff University
Truthful Cheap Talk:  Theory and Experiment


Myrna Wooders, Vanderbilt University
Non-Cooperative Team Formation and a Team Formation Mechanism


Todd Sarver, Duke University
An Evolutionary Perspective on Ambiguity


Alexander Persaud, University of Richmond
A (Paid) Passage to India:  Migration and revealed willingness to pay for upper-caste status


John Quah, Johns Hopkins University
Revealed Price Preference:  Theory and Empirical Analysis


Bernard Fortin, Laval University
Gender and Peer Effects on Performance in Social Networks


Tarun Jain, Indian School of Business
Respaping adolescents' gender attitudes:  Evidence from a school-based experiment in India


John Rehbeck, Ohio State University
Assessing Misspecification and Aggregation for Structured Preferences


Aris Spanos, Virginia Tech
The Replication Crises and the Trustworthiness of Empirical Evidence


Vijay Krishna, Florida State University
Insurance and Inequality with Persisten Private Information


Peter Duersch, University of Heidelberg
Price Competition in an Inflationary Environment


Mackenzie Alston, Texas A&M University
The (Perceived) Cost of Being Female:  An Experimental Investigation of Strategic Responses to Discrimination


P.J. Healy, Ohio State University
Belief-Free Strategies in Repeated Games with Stochastically-Perfect Monitoring:  An Experimental Test


Roee Teper, Pittsburgh University
Exploration and Correlation


Alan Miller, University of Haifa
Voting in Corporations


Enghin Atalay, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Shing-Yi Wang, University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School
Property Rights, Land Misallocation and Agricultural Efficiency in China


Daniel Martin, Northwestern University


Virginia Tech Workshop on Advances in Decision Theory 2018


Pierre-Daniel Sarte, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Rethinking Detroit


Fahad Khalil, University of Washington
Competitive Procurement with Ex Post Moral Hazard


Colin Xu, World Bank
The War Origin of Property Rights and State Capacity:  The Lasting Impact of the Taiping Rebellion


Howard Bodenhorn, Clemson University
Silverback Bankers