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Major Requirements

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements:

6 hrs - Principles of Economics
6 hrs- Theory of Economics
3 hrs - Data Analytics
3 hrs - Statistics
15 hrs - Econ Electives

Degree Options

Great option with plenty of flexibility allows you to easily pair with other curriculum for Secondary Majors, Double Majors or Minors.  This option also grants you more course options to fulfill your Math, Stat, and Data Analytics core requirements. Allows for 37-39 credit hours of FREE ELECTIVES.
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Great option if you prefer a more structured program and have an interest in Business. This option includes introductory courses in Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing as part of the major requirements along with using Business Infortmation Technology courses to meet the Statistics requirement. Allows for 7-9 credit hours of FREE ELECTIVES.
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Another option is to add an Economics Minor to your primary degree program. 

The course requirements for a Minor in Economics are:

ECON 2005, Microeconomic Principles
ECON 2006, Macroeconomic Principles
- Pre: ECON 2005
ECON 3104, Microeconomic Theory
- Pre: ECON 2005 with at least a C and MATH 1225, 1226, 2114 with at least a C- in each or MATH 1014, 1025, 1026 with at least a B- in each, or MATH 1525, 1526 with at least a B- in each
ECON 3204, Macroeconomic Theory
- Pre: ECON 3104
Select two 3000 or 4000 level ECON courses
- Not from ECON 4984, 4754, 4964, 4974H
2022 Minor Checksheet

Click here for instructions on how to add an Economics Minor

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