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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential Learning opportunities provide student with a forum to apply classroom knowledge and skills in a real-world setting in the form of internships, undergraduate research, and study abroad.

Below is a comprehensive list of open internship opportunities specifically for economics majors. The list is continuously updated, so check back ofter for an updated list.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has partnerned with the Department of Economics to offer an unique internship.

The economists from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) teach our interns all about the data and statistics collected and reported by the BLS. This includes data on unemployment, inflation and wages. Interns learn how to utilize and interpret this data and will create a research project and presentation based on BLS data. The BLS Internship meets virtually once per week during the semester and students must be selected by the department to participate.  

The internship will begin with a three week in-person on-campus boot camp on professional performance. The internship is 11 weeks long and require weekly 90 minute meetings with economists from the BLS. Class meeting sessions involve multiple activities where students breakout into smaller groups to accomplish specific in class work assignments and include student led discussions and presentations. Homework assignments will involve practicing how to access the data online and include real world scenarios such as how to use BLS data in contract escalation. The internship includes a capstone project and presentation.

Course Information
ECON 4754
Instructor: Dr. Jadrian Wooten
3-Credit Hours



The following are required of all applicants and must be acknowledged on the application below.

  • Junior or senior status at the time of enrollment. 
  • Economics major with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Competency with Excel (analyzing data and creating charts)
  • Competency with data visualization software (Tableau, PowerPoint, Canva, ArcGIS or Photoshop)
  • English proficiency (reading, writing and speaking)

Preferred Qualifications 
All students who meet the required qualifications will be eligible for selection, but will be ranked by their preferred qualifications:

  • Completed Analysis of Economic Data (ECON 3254) with at least a B+
  • Completed Labor Economics (ECON 4074) with at least a B+
  • Completed Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 3204) with at least a B+

Students must submit the following application by May 1, 2024 to be considered for the Fall 2024 semester. Students will be notified of their status by May 23, 2024 and will be recommended to the BLS for consideration. The BLS requires background checks and certain clearances of all interns, which can take some time to process.

BLS Internship Application

Information coming soon.

Information coming soon.

Undergraduate Research (2994/4994): Individual/group research projects carried out by students under faculty supervision. The student and faculty supervisor decide on the project, how the student is to participate in the research, and the graded product. Usually involves active participation in a research domain including data collection, data analysis, literature review, conference presentations, and/or manuscript writing (P/F or A/F).

**Students requesting Undergraduate Research MUST HAVE a minimum overall GPA of 2.50.  

Department of Economics faculty completing undergraduate reserach will provide students with the necessary information for registration.

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