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Fall 2020

All Fall 2020 Seminars will be held via Zoom.  Click here to attend!

Friday, 09/25/20
4:00 pm

Jorge M. Aguero, University of Connecticut

"Human Capital, Internal Migration and Structural Transformation in Africa"

Friday, 10/02/20
4:00 pm

Arun Gautham Chandrasekhar, Stanford University
Interacting Regional Policies in Containing a Disease

Friday, 10/16/20
4:00 pm

Jan Hausfeld, University of Amsterdam
"Redistribution beyond equality and status quo"

Monday, 10/19/20
4:00 pm

Mariagiovanna Baccara, Washington University in St. Louis

"Task Allocation and On-the-job Training"

Friday, 10/23/20
4:00 pm

Eleonora Patacchini, Cornell University
"Tax Professionals and Tax Evasion"

Monday, 11/02/20
4:00 pm

Asen Kochov, University of Rochester

"Sequential Trading with Coarse Contingencies"

Monday, 11/09/20
4:00 pm

Friday, 11/13/20
4:00 pm

Monday, 11/16/20
4:00 pm

Bart Lipman, Boston University

“Acquisition of/Stochastic Evidence”

Friday, 11/20/20
4:00 pm

Celeste Carruthers, University of Tennessee

“'Free College' Promises, High School Achievement, and College Enrollment”

Friday, 12/04/20
4:00 pm

Donna Feir, University of Victoria

Monday, 12/07/20
4:00 pm

Timo Hiller, PUC Rio