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Drop/Add Fall 2021



Add Open                                            Drop Open

April 23-May 28                            April 23-May 28

August 2-August 27                     April 2-October 5



Go to Hokie Spa

Click Registration (Add/Drop) and Schedule

Complete Prepare for Registration

Click Drop/Add Register for Classes


Having Issues?

Issues with Economics courses

Complete form   


Issues with other subjects

Contact the Advisor of the Department of the course


Issues with adding ACIS, BIT, FIN, MGT,  or MKTG courses

Beginning in August you will need to go to the Department's website and complete the force add form.


Pre-req completed elsewhere during Summer

You will not be able to add a course until the transfer credit for the pre-req is processed. For ECON courses complete the Issues with Ecoomics Courses form. For non-ECON courses contact the advisor for the department for alternative ways to add course.


To Meet with Advisor

Attend virtual drop-in office (no appointment needed) hours Monday-Thursday 2:30-4:30pm via Zoom