August 2023 - The beginning of a new year in the Economics Department not only brings an exciting new group of students but an exciting group of new faculty as well!



Brianna Felegi is a new Assistant Professor who completed her Ph.D. at Notre Dame in May 2023.  Dr. Felegi will be teaching ECON 3254: Analysis of Economic Data.

Hector Tzavellas has spent the past two years in the Department as a Visiting Professor and is now joining as a permanent Assistant Professor.  Dr. Tzavellas is currently teaching ECON 5125: Graduate Mathematical Economics.


Saber Mahmud is joining the department as a Visiting Associate Professor for the next two years.  Prior to joining the department he was a Visiting Professor at George Washington University after more than a decade at Johns Hopkins Univeristy.  Dr. Mahmud is currently teaching ECON 3104: Intermediate Microeconomics and ECON 5005: Prices & Markets.

Bernice Owusu-Brown is joining the department as a Postdoctoral Associate.  She obtained her Ph.D. through a collaborative program between the University of Ghana and the United Nations-World Institute for Development Economics (UNU-WIDER). Her research examines the intersection of gender, health, and economic development with specific focus on the economic and health effects of intimate partner violence (IPV) and social empowerment.  Dr. Owusu-Brown is currently ECON 1104:  Economics of Gender.