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Spring 2021

All Spring 2021 Seminars will be held via Zoom.  Click here to attend!

Monday, 02/8/21
4:00 pm

Friday, 3/5/21
3:00 pm

Friederike Mengel, Univeristy of Essex

"Irrational Statistical Discrimination"

Friday, 3/12/21
4:00 pm

Tim Hubbard, Colby College

"Bid-Separation in Asymmetric Auctions"

Monday, 3/15/21
4:00 pm

Friday, 3/19/21
4:00 pm

Bohdan Kukharskyy, City University of New York

Decoupling Global Value Chains

Monday, 3/22/21
4:00 pm

Ozan Candogan, University of Chicago Booth School of Busines

Persuasion in Networks: Public Signals and k-Cores

Friday, 3/26/21

Friday, 4/2/21
4:00 pm

Monday, 4/5/21
4:00 pm

Annie Liang, Univ. of Pennsylvania

"Dynamically Aggregating Diverse Information"

Friday, 4/9/21
4:00 pm

Jorge Miranda-Pinto, University of Queensland

"Trade Credit and Sectoral Comovement during the Great Recession"

Monday, 4/12/21
4:00 pm

Hiroki Nishimura, University of California Riverside

"Revealed Preferences of Individual Players in Sequential Games"

Friday, 4/23/21
4:00 pm

Friday, 4/30/21
4:00 pm