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The Department of Economics requires students in both Economics, College of Science (ECAS) and Economics, College of Business (ECON) to meet the following Progress Toward Degree requirements.

1. Upon having attempted 72 credit hours a student must have completed ECON 2005, 2006, and 3104 with at least a C in each course. Upon having attempted 96 hours a student must have completed the requirements for attempting 72 credit hours as well as ECON 3204 and STAT 3005, 3604, 3615, 4706, or BIT 2406 with at least a C in each course.

2. None of the above courses or any course taken to complete the major requirements can be repeated more than once.

3. A student must be enrolled in at least three ECON courses or courses that are the prerequisites of courses required to meet progress toward degree in an academic year (Fall and Spring).

4. A 2.000 Overall and In-Major GPA must be met and maintained.

5. No more than 3 ECON courses can be repeated.

A student will be notified by email in the semester prior to reaching 72 credit hours for a chance to continue in the major under a Policy 91 Contract.

If a student attempts 72 credit hours and the above requirements are not met  and the student is not on a Policy 91 Contract a hold will be placed on the student’s account and the student will have to change majors.

See Course Request Page

Directions for Course Request

1. Review Checksheet

2. Review Pathways Requirement Worksheet and Pathways Chart

3. Go to

4. Scroll to bottom of the page and find "Timetable of Classes"

5. Determine each class you want to request. Note the CRN, a unique five-digit number for each section.

6. Go to Course Request and submit the CRN for each section you are requesting

7. You may make changes to your request as many times as you would like during the Course Request period.

Things to Know

1. If you are trying to add an ECON course and receive a "Pre-Req Error" because you have AP or TR credit for any of the pre-reqs for the course you will need to complete the Add Issues Form during Drop/Add.  

2. Full Sections - If all seats are filled in a section of an ECON course you will need to watch the Timetable and add the course when seats open. The Department does not force add to full sections.

3. Force Adding Courses In Other Subjects - Each Department is different. You need to contact the advisor of the department of the course you are trying to add or look at the Department's webpage for instructions on the Department's force add policy.

4. Questions - Email Erika Perdue,, with any other questions you have about Add/Drop. Please include your ID number, the course number (ex. ECON 2005), and the CRN in your emails for quicker responses.

A hold is a block that is placed on your account because you have failed to complete a required action with a specific department on campus. All holds can be viewed in Hokie Spa. Each hold includes a description and an email to contact. Please contact the person indicated to discuss the hold.

Click here for an explanation of holds used by the Department of Economics.

Virginia Tech accepts coursework completed elsewhere if the work meets certain criteria. This work includes Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Credit by Exam (CLEP), Community College courses, and other 4-Year Institutions courses.

The Registrar’s Office provides comprehensive guides for transfer credits.

Transfer Guide for 2 Year and 4 Year Institutions  

AP, IB, and CLEP Guide