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Richard Cothren

Richard Cothren
Ph.D.: University of North Carolina
Associate Professor

Pamplin 3035
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Selected Bibliography:

  • “Equilibrium Inflation as Determined by a Policy Committee,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1988, 429-34.

  • “On the Optimality of Reserve requirements,” Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 1994, 827-38.

  • “Optimal Monetary Policy in a World with Risky Investments and Financial Intermediaries,” (with Nivedita Mukherji), Journal of Economics and Business, forthcoming.

  • “Equilibrium Loan Contracts and Endogenous Growth in the Presence of Asymmetric Information,” (with Niloy Bose), Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming.

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  • “Firm Specific Training, Layoffs, and Unreliable Workers,” Economic Inquiry, 1991, 166-72.

Current Research Interests:

  • Political economy.

  • Financial intermediation and growth.

  • Contracting problems in the presence of asymmetric information.