New this year, the Economics Department will be hosting a weekly Coffee with Chair event.  This will be a virtual, interactive event for Economics majors, minors, faculty, alumni and anyone else interested in chatting about Economics!  Each week there will be a new topic discussed and special guests available to discuess their experiences and success in Economics! 

Click here to attend the events via Zoom!

Weekly Topics of Discussion


Welcome Back! - Sudipta Sarangi, Melanie Fox & Melinda Miller


Why Economics is ideal for entering the corporate sector  - Kyle Pedrotty & J Breuer


Political Economy: the intersection of economics, philosophy, and political science - Michael Moehler & Byron Tsang


Scott Cunningham, Baylor University
Sex Work Policy, Violence, and Public Health (watch here)


Elizabeth Perry-Sizemore (VT ECON PHD 2004), Randolph College
Undergraduate Research in Economics:  Opportunities and Outlets (watch here)


Sheryl Ball, Virginia Tech

Behavioral Economics: Nudging our Way to Whole Health (watch here)


Advenures of an Economist at the Census Bureau
Dr. Ron Jarmin, US Census Bureau


Economics Grad Students explain What Economists Do! (watch here)


Bruce Oliver, VT Econ Alum (B.A. 1970 & M.A. 1972)

The Rise of Public Utility Holding Companies and the Clash of Utility and Political Economics


Matt Kovach, Virginia Tech
"Belief Biases:  How we (mis)learn"


Shikha Silwal, Washington & Lee University
"Twice Victimized:  An Exploration of Some Under-Studied Topics in Development and Conflict Economics"