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The Stock Market and the Economy

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Dr. Singal is a Professor of Finance, and Head of the Finance department.  As a department head, he is responsible for all Finance faculty, all Finance programs, curriculum development for all courses at all levels; coordination with alumni, recruiters, and other stakeholders; and all other aspects related to the department's administration.

His primary areas of research include indexing and stock market anomalies, which has been published in top quality journals.  He has also authored a book titled Beyond the Random Walk: A Guide to Market Anomalies and Low Risk Strategies.  He has been featured on television, on radio, and in national print media.   

Dr. Singal has extensive business experience including academic consulting over 15-year period, director of a publicly traded company, and trustee of a family of mutual funds.  Prior to joining academia, he worked for ten years in a petroleum exploration and development company negotiating foreign currency syndicated loans, managing foreign exchange risk, and negotiating very large contracts with shipyards and other vendors.

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Virginia Tech where I co-direct the Virginia Tech Economics Laboratory and am affiliated faculty in the School of Neuroscience. I study social, cognitive, and affective influences on decision-making and strategic interactions. Much of my work is interdisciplinary, combining methods and models from economics and game theory, psychology, and neuroscience. I live in Blacksburg, Virginia with my wife, two daughters, and our Labrador retriever, Daisy.