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Econ Supports #StopAAPIHate

The Department of Economics fully supports all members of our communities and the Universtiy's statements regarding recent anti-Asian hate.

Resisting Xenophobia and Showing Support for Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans (APIDA)


Since the start of COVID-19, there have been over 3900 documented anti-Asian hate crimes—an increase of 1900%. As educators, it is our responsibility to resist false narratives that fuel xenophobic crimes and to decolonize thinking that props up model minority and orientalist stereotypes. As educators, it is our responsibility--collectively and individually--to reflect, read, learn, and act toward justice, and to understand the intersections of identities that shape our lived experiences.

Opportunities for support:

  • To read the statement released by President Sands and Vice President for Strategic Affairs and Diversity Dr. Menah Pratt-Clarke regarding the recent and disturbing surge in random and unprovoked violence toward the Asian community, click here.
  • For a resource guide that includes ways to learn and take action, visit here.
  • For letters of support from the VT community and additional information, visit the InclusiveVT page here.